October 20, 2017
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 Experience Excellence

With all the challenges facing organizations and families today, no one has time to become an insurance expert.

Crabdree Insurance & Financial Services Inc.’s mission is to be our client's most trusted advisor for their business insurance, personal insurance, and financial services needs. In doing so, we will strive to meet the highest professional standards while providing prompt, courteous, and confidential service.

  • We choose to be ethical and honest because it is the only way to do business.
  • We will not only be price-conscious but value-driven.
  • We will continually improve by listening to our clients and evaluating business practices.
  • We choose to be an independent insurance agency. We partner with several strong companies who provide us with quality products and services. This provides you with choices!
  • We will treat all people with respect and dignity.

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 why choose an independent agent

Some people think it doesn't really matter where they buy their insurance. But this misconception could be costing them money, service and protection. Buying insurance isn't like buying bread or milk. Insurance is an important safety net for your family, your home, your car or your business. Don't treat the purchase lightly!

Crabdree Insurance & Financial Services Inc.There IS a difference in where you buy your protection. Many people don't realize there are three sources for insurance:

Captive Agents, who can sell you the insurance of only one company.

Telephone Representatives, who can offer you the insurance of one company, and only on the telephone.

Independent Insurance Agents, who represent an average of eight insurance companies, and research with these firms to find you the best combination of price, coverage and service.

  Your Independent Insurance Agent:

  • Is a licensed professional with strong customer and community ties.
  • Gives you excellent service and competitive prices because your agent can access the insurance coverage from more than one company.
  • Unlike other agents, is not beholden to any one company; thus, you don't need to change agencies as your insurance and service needs change.
  • Assists you when you have a claim.
  • Is your consultant, working with you as you determine your needs.
    Offers you a choice of insurance plans and programs.
  • Is a value hunter who looks after your pocketbook in finding the best combination of price, coverage and service.
  • Offers one-stop shopping for a full range of products-home, renters, auto, business, life and health.
  • Can periodically review your coverage to keep up with your changing insurance needs.
  • Treats you like a person, not just another number.
  • Customer satisfaction is the key to an independent agent's livelihood. So, serving you is your independent agent's most-important concern.

There Is A Difference!

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